Chiropractor in Montreal and Granby

Operating out of Montreal and Granby, Dr. Raymond Bouffard Clinique Santé Chiropratique offers a variety of services concerned with the framework of bones and muscles that support the body.

Our clinics are fully equipped for effective treatment provided in a professional and educational setting!

Effective chiropractic treatment and services

Drawing on 40 years of experience in providing chiropractic treatment, Dr. Raymond Bouffard has unparalleled expertise in manipulating the spine and joints to remedy problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Treatment is provided in a professional and educational setting to help you review all aspects of your diagnosis and manage your condition. In particular, Dr. Raymond Bouffard has a wealth of experience in relieving back, heel and joint pain.

He is also an expert in the treatment of severe migraine, torticollis and numbness felt in the arm or hands. At Dr. Raymond Bouffard Clinique Santé Chiropratique, you’re in safe hands! Our treatment options are non-surgical and focus on helping your body heal naturally

Say goodbye to back pain and other problems with your joints and muscles.

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Treatment for Back Pain Granby

Experienced professional

Passionate about the musculoskeletal system, Dr. Raymond Bouffard is a professionally qualified chiropractor. He is well-versed with the framework of bones and muscles that support the body and can reduce the pain of patients through a variety of chiropractic treatment.

This includes disorders that can result from lack of exercise, poor posture and everyday wear and tear. Visit the clinic for precise handling and manipulation of your spine and joints to remedy musculoskeletal problems through rehabilitation programs.

Dr. Raymond Bouffard can also advise you on exercise, self-help and lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life

Dr. Raymond Bouffard assists you in correcting your posture.

The chiropractor stands out from the crowd thanks to:

  • His 40 years of experience
  • His attention to detail
  • The convenient location of his two clinics

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